Below this post are some old events I’ve posted in the past on this page. For more up to date posts, see the main page as I have been posting quite often over there.


OK – It’s 2015. I’m going to do it! Once a week, starting on January 30th, I’ll be getting up to do comedy. Here are the locations, dates, times of the local open mics where I’ll be getting my funny on!

KimWard Wig

Fairfax Community Theatre Company Costume Room Cleaning

Not-Secret-Roast of Bob Thomas: American Legion Hall, Main Street, Montpelier @7pm Saturday, January 30th (donation at the door)

Open Mic: Charlio’s: Main Street, Montpelier- 8pm, Monday February 1st (Free)

Open Mic: Laugh Local, VT: American Legion Hall, Main Street, Montpelier, 8pm, Friday February 5th (Donations at the door)

Open Mic: Vermont Comedy Club: Main Street, Burlington, VT, 7pm, Wednesday February 10th (free)

Open Mic: Stroke Yer Joke: Cafe Bueno, Main Street, Barre, 8pm Friday, February 19th (free)

Come on out and heckle me! (Except at the American Legion Hall. They got professional hecklers there! )



————————– Older Posts——————————

in 2013  started trying my hand at comedy. Critique and feedback welcome! Below are I links to a couple of my open. If attempts…Thanks to Margie Cain, my stalwart camera woman!

My first attempt was last January 2013 at Cafe Espresso Bueno in Barre, VT

January 10, 2014
Last night at the Laugh Local Open Mic
American Legion #Post #3

2 thoughts on “Comedy

  1. Kim, I admire you to no end for living the dream! a couple of comments. I liked the Ti CHi bit; but I think you need to spend a second explaining to the audience that Ti chi moves are named after animals/movements of doing things etc. first so they get why the new movements with your hands are funny. You need to set them up. you could say you are putting together a new class in Ti chi for medepasual women.
    The coming out bit needs to be eased into, it has been done a thousand times, but it is relavant to the rest so maybe try a diff. approach.

    The other set you did, the one were you talk about the change in seasons and you are running down the street like the guy from its a wonderful life, maybe add/ mime that you are in mud boots (cause that is what happens in spring in VT)
    I love that you are doing this


    • Hey Michele, you’re the bomb! Thanks for giving me such wonderful and specific feedback. Why the heck aren’t you up there?! I can so see you doing this. 😉

      I had a whole bit planned originally for the tai chi bit where I talked about the actual tai chi forms first, but I never quite got it woven in. I’ll definitely go back to that. Terri and I have been saying that my opening is quite flat and I want to decide who I’m presenting to the audience. Which piece of my personality or what character am I presenting? I think I’m getting closer right ow.

      I got up in Barre tonight. I think it was the best set I’ve ever done! I didn’t tape it but that might account for it going better too… More to come in the future.


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