Sketch of Offering Up the Heart-Veil, ready to be painted.

I’d almost given up on this painting earlier this week. Three other failed attempts adorned my wall above my drawing desk. Many older sketches piled high in my portfolio, but when I went to paint them, ARGH! They looked terrible. Then I started one last time. I copied the elements I liked from the last two attempts and went second to the India ink.

Ahhhh… There is something so perfect for me about embellishing a sketch with ink.

That was it. This will be the one. At the same time, I am trying to get the light just right for photographing all of my pieces in preparation to make prints. Grrrr…this is a bitch. I think I’ll need to get theater lights on these bee-otches to get it right, but for now, here’s a sample of the sketch only… (She mumbles as she goes through the house stealing every light in sight and removing the shades.) wish me luck. Hope I don’t blow a fuse here… Anyone got one of those space age rescue blankets I can hold up to reflect the light?


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