I Think I Finally GET it!

I got inspired last night after posting my newest sketch, so I kept working until the painting was done. OK, so I was up until 1 am and I had to go back to work today, but I’ve been pulling that stunt since high school, and I even managed to make it to work on time today.

The really cool thing that happened was that half way through the water color I finally got it. I stopped, took a breath, loaded up the brush with just a LITTLE paint and a lot of water and went to it. Suddenly the amazing luminescence of the paint was in MY PAINTING! The funny thing was, I started the background as awkwardly as I had all three other times I had painted this before (see my previous, “That Awkward Moment” post). Too dark, too purple-Easter-eggy just not what I wanted, but I like how it turned out, and, well, you know, there is always more paper, more paint…

Either way, here is the finished piece. Note how much clearer this photo is…ah, Honey, I took out your camera and started using it, uh… OK?


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