Last one in this series…

OK – Weather and sign-up success depending, I’ll be at Cafe Bueno on Friday: Open Mic: Stroke Yer Joke: Cafe Esspresso Bueno, Main Street, Barre, 8pm Friday, February 19th (free).  This is a great venue for you to just come see some fun comedians. Good food. Good Chai. Or coffee. Great audiences.

& Just for fun, here’s a shot of the Hunter’s Chorus from my short musical, “Man versus Squirrel” – One of many great shots taken by Bill Kneen for us. 

Great shot of me and the gals with Bill Pelton at TenFest 2015

2 thoughts on “Last one in this series…

  1. often don’t get these until the day of or afterwards, not being on line. but I will make it one of these days. cafe bueno is so close to me – 20 minutes. damn. hope is went well. Hannah Dennison PO Box 8 Chelsea VT 05038 802-595-0410


    • Yeah, I try to send these out with a few days notice. I’ll have another list of 4 or 5 places soon… Things went well. I got some good laughs and didn’t make an ass of myself (well, except as I CHOSE to make an ass of myself…) – Kim


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