And Away We Go…!

My first gig is coming up this Saturday, January 30th at the American Legion Hall (ALPO#3) on the Main Street in Montpelier @ 7:00pm.

This is a 60th birthday roast for our good pal, Bob Thomas, who has the longest running open mic in Vermont. It should be a hoot. If I don’t pass out from fear. I’ve done comedy but not a roast, and I keep picturing Betty White ripping Bill Shatner to ribbons and being the best one up there and thinking… “OK, a high bar, let’s see if I can at least touch it from below when I jump.”

Luckily, between what I know of Bob, the biographical info we’ve been secretly fed (I’ll call them our comedy mission files) from Bitsy Byron, I think I have a chance.

There will be a ton of good comedians there, and it’s FREE! so I encourage you to come out and support the roast, fill the house, buy some cheap drinks, and have a ball!

“Hey you, yeah, you! Come see us circle up and take a big dump in front of Bob this Saturday. We’re also gonna steal his balls and run around the yard with them in our mouths!”

You gonna eat all of that sandwich?” – Anonymous Dog.


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