“49+ and a Hot Mess…”

imageSo, Open Mic at the American Legion Hall is next. I survived my round with the Not-so-surprise Roast of Bob Thomas. I think all in all I did the job. Not a high points scoring night but no big fouls either (and I’m not a huge sports fan, so it must be the proximity of the Super Bowl that has me using  sports metaphors tonight) I stuck to roasting Bob, made some good moments of laughter, got off stage when I started to run out of steam without making too much of a mess.

I’ve been thinking a lot about turning 50 in May. When I was young (say 11 or so) I used to think “The year, 2001! What will that be like? Will I even be ALIVE?!” In that innocent way we think that someone who is in their 30s is OLD… So, my stand up is beginning to form around some themes… Oldness… Single Oldness (isn’t that called being a spinster?) hormones, failures, missed opportunities and crushed dreams, health issues and colonoscopies. All in all, I’ve been thinking if I ever GET the point of having a full night’s show, I’ll call it “Hot Mess” because, let’s face it, there’s a reason when my whole family saw the first Ice Age movie ads they immediately said, “Hey, Scrat! That’s you, Kim!” As the prehistoric squirrel scrambled around desperately trying to catch his ever bouncing acorn.

So if you wanna hear me talk about what it’s like – you know, for ME – to get old – come to the open mic tomorrow night.

Open Mic: Laugh Local, VT: American Legion Hall, Main Street, Montpelier, 8pm, Friday February 5th (Donations at the door).


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