Up to the Big City Tonight…

I’ll be trying to grab 5 minutes of fame tonight by showing up to the Vermont Comedy Club’s Open Mic at 7 pm. (Well, I’ll be there earlier to guarantee a spot for myself)Kim Contemplates. I’ve been trimming and honing my material, worrying about what to wear, and timing my stuff. Can’t wait! (to get it over with… she mumbles)

Tonight, I’ll be discussing the hot mess of why I feel like a man in drag when I wear a dress, what the fun toys are my dad’s Catholic side of the family got that my mom’s New England Protestant side did NOT, and who knows, perhaps the strange way my great grandfather decided to try and stop his first real Ford truck when he got home drunk from a barn dance and forgot he WASN’T in his wagon, with a horse that could stop for him…

But seriously, it’s a big step for me to even try to do material in Burlington, which I hear is a younger, hipper crowd – and tougher.

Break a belly… a larynx… a leg, right?!


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